Can’t Quite Give Them Up? Six Things You Can Do With Your Favorite Pair Of Jeans

If your favorite jeans are beyond repair or looking lackluster, consider giving them a new life. Recycle your favorite denims in creative ways so that you can continue to enjoy them, long after you stop wearing them.

Transform your old jeans with these six suggestions:

  1. Design your own denim bowl. Cut the jeans into pieces, scraps, or squares that can be used to create a cool denim bowl. Soak the scraps in mod-podge glue to make the fabric stiff, similar to decoupage. Form the saturated denim over an inverted bowl or other form until dry.
  2. Bring denim to lunch. Create a one-of-a-kind lunch bag out of a leg of your favorite old jeans. These bags are distinctive, clever, and easy to make. These also make an excellent gift for someone else; after all, you do have two legs to work with.
  3. Create kitchen kitsch. It is easy to make pot-holders and aprons from your old denims; an easy way is to cut around the back-pockets and use this as the main portion of your apron, which you can trim and add ties to. Cut out just the pockets for pot-holders that you can slide your hand in with ease.
  4. Welcome guests with a denim wreath. Cut strips of denim from your old jeans and wrap them around a foam wreath ring until covered. Secure the ends with glue or common-pins, and add a bright bow or raffia ribbon to finish. Hang the completed wreath on your door to welcome guests to your home year-round!
  5. Dogs like denim, too. Give Fido something to bark about with his or her own denim dog toys. Cut strips of denim from the legs and body of the jeans, and make sure to remove any hardware before giving it to your pet. Tie these strips into denim knots of different sizes for your dog to play with; toss the knots in the freezer to get stiff and your dog will go wild!
  6. Stash scraps for crafts. Toss your old jeans in your craft closet for several cool and inexpensive craft projects. You may want to cut the denim into strips for braiding rugs, or cut in squares for quilting projects.

It can be hard to retire you favorite, comfy jeans, and even more difficult to toss them out. Instead of discarding or donating your denim, try one of these six suggestions to extend their life and give them a new purpose! If you run out of jeans, get some more at American Made Jeans by All USA Clothing.

What to Look for When Choosing a Work Boot

Don’t think your feet are important? Injure them while on the job. Not only will work be near impossible, but completing everyday tasks becomes a challenge. Keep your feet protected with the right work boot while on the job. If you don’t know what to look for, here are some tips to help you get started.  

Puncture Plate

Look for an option that comes equipped with a puncture plate. The puncture plate is a thin structure that is installed just above the outsole, creating an additional barrier between the ground and your feet. If you work in an area where it’s common to find nails, glass or other sharp objects on the ground this feature is important because it prevents these items from reaching your foot, helping you avoid an injury.

Metatarsal Guard

Even if the item is not heavy, if it fails from a great enough distance, the weight and gravity from the fall can injure your foot. A metatarsal guard helps you avoid this risk. This guard is designed to cover the span from your toes to your upper foot. In the event a heavy object does fall on your foot, the guard will absorb much of the weight. Without this guard, your foot would absorb this weight which could easily lead to broken bones.

Rubber Outsole

To decrease your risk of a slip and fall, look for work boots that have a rubber outsole. Rubber is often the preferred choice because it is highly slip resistant, abrasion resistant and it can also increase the comfort level of the boot. If you work in an environment where it is not uncommon to have oil, water or other liquids on the ground, wearing a boot with a rubber outsole is critical.

Added Insulation

If you work in a very cold environment, such as outside during the winter, it’s a good idea to consider selecting a work boot that comes along with added insulation. Boots that fit into this category are designed with special materials that help keep your feet warm, regardless of the outdoor temperature. Keep in mind that you only want to wear these boots in the cold, otherwise they will make your feet too warm.

Your feet are too important for you to neglect. Don’t just choose any type of work boot. Ensure you are choosing an option that will protect your feet and keep you safer while on the job. For more information, contact a business such as Industrial Shoe Company.

3 Tips That Can Help You Avoid Purchasing Counterfeit Jewelry

A serious risk that you can run into when attempting to buy jewelry is buying a counterfeit piece of jewelry, mostly because it can often be a bit difficult for the average person to distinguish a counterfeit piece from the real thing. However, there are a few tips that you can follow that can help you avoid purchasing counterfeit jewelry, such as the three listed below.

Consider the Setting

One of the first things that you should do when attempting to determine if an item is counterfeit or not is to consider the setting of the gemstone before purchasing the jewelry. The reason for this is that a real gemstone is never really going to be put into a cheap setting. For example, if you find a piece of jewelry for sale that claims to be using real emeralds, diamonds, or rubies but it is set in a sterling silver or another lower-end setting, then chances are that the gemstones are fake.

Look at the Size of the Gemstone

Another very easy way to avoid purchasing counterfeit jewelry is to take a close look at the size of the gemstone. It is extremely common for individuals who are creating counterfeit jewelry to place large gemstones on the fake jewelry in order to draw in prospective buyers. However, it is important to note that if you see a very large gemstone on a piece of jewelry, then it is most likely fake because very large gemstones are both very rare and exceedingly expensive.

Check the Weight

Finally, make sure to check the weight of the jewelry before committing to purchasing it, mostly because real jewelry tends to have some weight and heft to it. For example, gold is typically going to feel quite a bit more substantial and heavier than most other metals that are used in the production of jewelry. As a result, if you pick up a piece of gold jewelry and it feels exceedingly light, there is a very good chance that the jewelry is not gold at all and is some other type of metal that is painted or otherwise coated in order to make it look like gold.

Speak with a jewelry store owner in order to discuss what steps they would recommend you follow in order to determine if a piece of jewelry is counterfeit. Considering the setting, looking at the size of the gemstone, and checking the weight of the piece itself are all easy and effective ways of determining if a piece of jewelry is the real thing.

Need A Loan But Can’t Pay It Back Next Payday? Get A 6 Month Loan Instead

If you are looking to take out a loan and you have the option to spread the loan out over a short period of time, instead of just a couple of paydays, then you want to take the longer term option. When you have more time to pay the loan back, and you are able to get more money with a larger loan, it can make having the loan easier. Here are a few reasons why you want to consider getting a loan that has 6 month payment terms or longer.

6 Months is a Manageable Time Frame 

A six month loan is better than a short term loan that is due within the next few paydays because it allows the following:

  • Smaller more manageable payments
  • More time to budget and plan for the payments
  • Months to report to the credit bureaus

When you take a loan and you have a few months or more to pay back the money, the loan isn’t going to put as much stress on your mind and your finances.

Work Towards Building Credit

Each month that you make the payments to the loan company, they will report that you paid the loan responsibly. This will help you build your credit history and improve your credit score. The longer you pay on time, the more credit you build, and the better it is as you try to improve your rating and to get future loans.

Compare the Interest Rates

The different interest rates that are available to you can depend on your current credit rating. Compare what rate different loan companies will give you, so you can save the most money possible over the time that you pay the loan. You may have to pay a high interest rate the first time you take out a loan, to show that you can pay the loan back on time if needed.

If you are in desperate need for a loan and you don’t think that you can pay off a loan in a short amount of time, try to find a 6 month loan option so you can spread out the payments and to borrow more money. There are a lot of great loan providers that will allow you to spread out your payments over a 6 month time span, allowing you to pay off the installment loan and build your credit at the same time. 

3 Options For Selling Your Silver Coins

If you have a collection of silver coins that you are finally ready to sell, you may be unsure of the best way to get the most for your coins. Here is a comparison of three options for selling silver coins to help you choose the right one to suit your needs.

Coin Shops

If there is a local coin shop in your area, this may be the most convenient and most profitable method for selling your collection of silver coins. You will be able to negotiate a price face-to-face with the dealer, and you will also be able to walk out the same day with cash in hand.

When selling your silver at a local coin shop, it is important to remember that the dealer will be looking to turn a profit. While arming yourself with the latest spot price for silver and researching the unique numismatic value of your coins can help you get the best possible price, you should expect to sell your coins at less than their total value.

Coin Expos

If you have a large coin collection that you are looking to sell, a coin show is an excellent way to get the best price for your entire collection. Coin expos will have several professional appraisers in attendance so you can get multiple opinions on the value of your collection.

When you attend a coin expo, you will have the opportunity to meet and possibly sell to other collectors who share your interest. This means that there is a potential for you to sell your collection at a better price than you would be able to receive from a coin dealer who is simply looking to resell your silver.

The only major downside to selling at coin expos is that they happen periodically. If you do not sell all of the coins you are looking to sell at a single expo, you may have to wait weeks or months to attend the next one, or turn to alternative methods of selling your collection.

Online Auctions

Online auctions are often the best way to get the top price for each coin in your collection. As with coin expos, you will be able to sell your coins to other collectors. However, when you sell your coins through an online auction you will be selling to the highest bidder among collectors who have searched specifically for the coins that you have for sale. As long as you are willing to sell your coins individually over time, online auctions are an excellent option for any collector.

Every option for selling silver coins offers different levels of convenience and potential profit. Finding the right balance of these factors will help you choose the selling option that is perfect for you. For more information about selling coins, contact a company such as American Precious Metals Inc

Tips For Keeping Your Christmas Ornaments In Great Condition

There are few times of the year that are more festive than Christmas. However, some people are not particularly informed about the best practices for caring for their ornaments. This can result in a number of problems for these items, and if you have a collection of ornaments that you care a great deal about, this can prove to be especially troublesome. Luckily, these two Christmas ornament care tips will give you a better appreciation for how to take care of these items.

Use Gentle Cleaning Solutions On your Glass Ornaments

When removing your ornaments from storage, you will likely want to clean them to ensure that they are as shiny as possible. However, it is an unfortunate fact that many cleaning solutions are far too strong to be safely used on these ornaments. These substances can strip away any decorative paints on the ornaments, which can ruin them.

To minimize this problem, you can use a mixture of water and vinegar to clean the ornaments. The vinegar will help to remove any stubborn dust or dirt, but it will not harm the paint. When rinsing the ornaments, you should make sure to hold them under running water for at least a minute to ensure you remove all of the vinegar.

Store Ornaments In An Environmentally Controlled Area

At the end of the holiday season, you will need to ensure that you properly store the ornaments in an environmentally controlled area. When these ornaments are exposed to high humidity and hot temperatures, the paint, glitter and other decorative features of the ornaments can suffer extreme damage.

If you are unable to rent a climate controlled storage unit for your ornaments, you should make sure to store them in a closet in your home. Some people will attempt to store these items in the garage or attic, and this can expose the ornaments to extreme conditions. However, keeping the ornaments in a closet with moisture absorbing silica gel can be an excellent alternative to renting a storage unit.

Ensuring that your Christmas ornaments are kept in good condition can be extremely important if you have a sentimental attachment to your ornaments. However, there are some people that are not well informed about the steps for maintaining their ornaments. If this applies to you, understanding the importance of avoiding harsh cleaning solutions as well as how to properly store the ornaments will help you to avoid some routine problems that can strike these ornaments.

3 Etiquette Tips For Using Electronic Smoking Devices

Electronic cigarettes are the way of the future, avoiding all of the nasty smells and smoke associated with traditional cigarettes. However, one thing that these modern inventions can’t leave in the dust is the stigma and public opinions associated with them. Therefore, it is very important to respect most commonly held rules about smoking when using a vaporizer or electronic cigarette. Here are three things to remember when using an e-cigarette respectfully and in a classy manner. 

1. Check With Your Host 

While you may know that there is little smell associated with your e-smoke, your host might object to using a device in his or her home, especially if they don’t smoke. To quell their suspicions, or prepare them for your asking permission, make sure he or she knows that you use an e-cigarette, and be prepared to confine your vaping to the porch. 

2. Don’t Vape On Public Transit

Public transit can contain a wide variety of people, and it’s nearly a guarantee that at least one person in the subway car or on the bus will object to you using an e-cigarette in such close proximity. Instead, keeping your smoking to the platform will help your cause greatly, and avoid the daggers that an overprotective mother might shoot your way if you use your electronic cigarette on the same bus that her child is riding on. Using an e-cigarette on an underground platform probably won’t be an issue either, so long it’s not too crowded. 

3. Use Good Judgement When Vaping Around Food

Some people might take offense to the use of an electronic smoking device near their food, so grocery stores are a big gray area when using a vaporizer, especially in places where the food isn’t packaged, like some meat markets and the produce department. However, many bars and less formal restaurants will allow for the use of an e-cigarette, so puff away if the climate seems right i.e. there are other people doing the same. 

While many of the negative health effects went away with the classic cigarette, many of the rules regarding their use stuck around during the transition to electronic alternatives. However, there are certain gray areas which arose with the popularization of electronic cigarettes. Using these three etiquette rules when vaping will set you well on your way to going about your business without getting chastised or given dirty looks for having a puff on an electronic cigarette in public.  

To learn more about electronic cigarettes, visit Vapoligy

Tired Of Cigarettes? 3 Alternatives To Going Cold Turkey

Smoking cigarettes is a bad habit. Everyone knows by know that tobacco causes cancer. It’s not like in the old days where cigarette commercials featured doctors exalting the benefits of cigarette smoke. It’s not even legal to advertise cigarettes on television anymore.

But, if you’re already a smoker, knowing something is bad for you isn’t enough. You have to stop smoking cigarettes. While going cold turkey works for some people, it is very difficult. Many people find that a substitute works better. There are three popular substitutes for regular cigarettes.

Chewing Gum

This is a method of getting nicotine without getting the carcinogenic elements, namely tar. This gum is sold over the counter, so you don’t need a prescription. The taste is not very pleasant.

This gum is not supposed to be chewed whenever you want. It’s not like regular gum. You are supposed to chew it every few hours. The box will tell you how many hours you need to wait before chewing another piece.

One benefit to using the chewing gum as opposed to the patch is that it occupies your mouth. People who try and quit cigarettes often find they are at a loss with what to do with their mouth. They are used to having a cigarette in their mouth, so the gum satisfies this oral fixation.


A nicotine patch is a passive method of delivering nicotine. Many people choose this method because it ensures you have a constant deliver of nicotine in your blood system. Nicotine is the addictive element in tobacco. So, by having it in your bloodstream, you are less likely to go back to smoking.

E- Cigarettes

These are the latest alternative to smoking cigarettes. They are the most comprehensive replacement for old style cigarettes. They let you have the nicotine without the harmful tar.

The way these vapor cigarettes work is by delivering the nicotine in a mist, or vapor. This vapor can be breathed in and exhaled. Unlike nicotine gum and patches, vapor cigarettes are not solely for people looking to quit smoking. Many people want to continue smoking; they simply choose to switch from traditional cigarettes to vapor ones.

One of the interesting things about e-cigarettes is that they come in many varieties. Regular cigarettes are either plain or menthol. E-cigarettes are offered in lots of different flavors. You can visit a vape store and see which style you like.